Everybody on earth knowing
that beauty is beautiful
makes ugliness.

Everybody knowing
that goodness is good
makes wickedness.

For being and nonbeing
arise together;
hard and easy
complete each other;
high and low
depend on each other;
note and voice
make the music together;
before and after
follow each other.

That鈥檚 why the wise soul
does without doing,
teaches without talking.

The things of this world
exist, they are;
you can鈥檛 refuse them.

To bear and not to own;
to act and not lay claim;
to do the work and let it go.
for just letting it go
is what makes it stay.

Note UKLG: One of the things I read in this chapter is that values and beliefs are not only culturally constructed but also part of the interplay of yin and yang, the great reversals that maintain the living balance of the world. To believe that our beliefs are permanent truths which encompass reality is a sad arrogance. To let go of that belief is to find safety.
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